Daniel Bayn

User Experience & Behavior Design

I use social science and insightful analysis to design software for creative agencies and enterprises.


I write strange fiction about magic, monsters, science, kung-fu, gangsters, time loops, and also some weird stuff.

This Rising Tide

A Hardboiled hoodoo serial about ghosts, gods, and monsters in New Orleans.

Dustbowl Xia

A four-episode American kung-fu fable about a shaolin gunslinger and her swing-dancing, capioera boyfriend.

Church Grim

A horror anthology about cults, killers, and the Black Dog of St. Paul.


Roleplaying games, story games, and street games.


The Ancient Art of Action Roleplaying. My most popular game, free online.


Roleplaying in Occult India. Free online thanks to my patrons on Patreon.

Secrets & Lies

Noir roleplaying in the style of Raymond Chandler. PDF or Print on Demand.


A street game of recreational espionage. Free online.