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I’m a UX consultant who uses social psychology to influence online behavior, from driving conversion rates to fighting harassment.

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Authentic Incentive Systems

Traditional incentives (coupons, contests, bribes) are expensive and produce short-lived results. Worse, they often overshadow people’s intrinsic motivations.

Authentic incentive systems amplify intrinsic motivations to produce long-lasting (and low-cost) results. They’re hands down the best way to drive user engagement or incentivize employees.

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Case Study: Share Your Style

Fighting Antisocial Behavior

We’ve accidentally designed the social web to promote antisocial behavior. The results range from noisy comment threads to outright abuse.

The good news is that making individuals accountable to members of their out-groups doesn’t just reduce abuse, it actually drives prosocial behavior! Thoughtfully-designed reputation systems can provide the accountability we need.

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UX Strategy

I help companies make their apps and websites better by...

Case Studies: Betty Crocker Symphony Commerce

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Interaction Design

An elegant user interface needs more than tasteful design. I teach designers and developers how to go from low-fi storyboards to reusable pattern libraries.

Case Studies: Best Buy Horizontal Integration

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I’m always looking for interesting projects. Contact me if you’re…

Or if you just need a good UX person to lend a hand with user research, prototype testing, pattern libraries, wireframes, or responsive design.