An American Kung-Fu Fable

Episode 1 ~ Yo, Jimbo!

Wherein a duo becomes a trio and many mobsters meet their end...

Episode 2 ~ Black Sunday

Wherein we meet the Drunken Monkey and the Ferryman...

Episode 3 ~ Gabriel's Trumpet

Wherein jazz and hoodoo bring the house down...

Episode 4 ~ Big & Bad

Wherein the trio finally tangos with The Tailor...

About the Project

There's this movie I really wanna see. It's got gangsters and kung-fu, fedoras and gunfights, impossible car chases and a swingin' soundtrack. It's Chinese wuxia set in 1930's America. It's a movie that doesn't exist, and that's a damn shame.

I'm neither a filmmaker nor an artist. All I can do is write, so writing is what I'm doing. I'm writing in a style that translates easily into visual media. Alberto Muriel is illustrating furiously, so look for new storyboards to appear periodically.

The soundtrack for Dustbowl Xia is wall-to-wall Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, so have that album handy.

The theme song is Big & Bad.