Secrets & Lies

Murder is a messy business.

So are blackmail, larceny, and extortion. They're also the tools you'll need to master if you want to survive the seedy world of noir crime fiction.

The Hardboiled Triple Feature

Secrets & Lies is a noir roleplaying game in the style of Raymond Chandler. This omnibus edition includes the core rules and two settings: Urbanimus and Covenant.

Pay What You Want

Dead Tree Edition
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Full Scenarios Relationship Maps


"...if you want a game about lying bastards doing horrible things to each other, then you won't find much better than Secrets & Lies." ~Eddy Web, World of Darkness Developer "I thought this was an innovative and fun genre game. It comes with my strongest recommendation to all fans of mystery, or those just looking to explore creative rules for their games." Jack, Philosophy of Games "If it seems like I'm straight up pimping here, that's because I am." -Clint Krause, Editor of Secrets & Lies