UX Case Studies

Sales & Fulfillment

Best Buy | 2014

Best Buy asked me to help them develop a tablet app that would enable novice/seasonal sales employees to advise customers on their purchases as well as veteran “blue shirts.”

Fortunately for me, my business stakeholders were themselves veteran blue shirts; I had no trouble drawing useful insights and actionable requirements out of them. I used my notes to develop a series of UX strategy documents that set the direction for the project.

For example, I saw an opportunity to use data visualization to make the client’s extensive product information easier to scan. We often talked about how the app needed to work “at the speed of conversation,” meaning the user needed to maintain a natural, fluid interaction with the customer while using it. Clear, scannable information visualization -- and careful use of progressive disclosure -- was essential to meeting this challenge.

Other members of the design team were responsible for developing a prototype, but I drafted some simple wireframes to guide them...

Finally, we needed to develop new ways to guide blue shirts through the bewildering forest of fulfillment options at Best Buy: purchasing in-store, picking up at a different store, home delivery, home installation, etc.

I created this exploded view of UI patterns for bundling purchases into “packages” and configuring fulfillment options...

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