UX Case Studies

Information Visualization

Sunrun | 2019-2020

Building a world run by the sun requires a surprising amount of info vis, from sales to operations.

At Sunrun, everyone needs to understand solar power production, from customers and care reps to sales and network operations. Our existing solutions just crammed all available data into a single graph and counted on the user to figure out which values were useful. This new approach uses a combination of area and line graphs to create visual hierarchy. It also simplified the available data sets to focus on the most common issues: changes in prodution, consumption, and weather. Battery data was moved into its own graph, so that each visualization could tell a single story.

Complex information also impacted the sales process. Products like energy storage can have highly technical value propositions involving time of use, exporting power to the grid, and backing up heavy load appliances. I started with storyboards that summarized the user needs and captured some UI ideas. Then, I designed an online proposal that visualized these benefits and folded the details into dialog boxes to keep the main page as simple as possible.

Customer Care needed to assess data from several different sources at the speed of conversation. We wanted them to be able to pick up the phone and sound like they already knew each customer and their situation. I designed the visualizations in this dashboard interface to draw reps' attention to potential problems without reading a word.

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