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Responsive, Social, User Experience Design

I make websites better using smart analysis, social psychology, and user-centered design.

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Responsive Web Design

I’ve been immersed in responsive web design since 2012, when I began designing a responsive framework for General Mills. That experience taught me the value of a mobile-first approach.

From a website redesign for Horizontal Integration.

A good tablet design makes a good desktop design, but not vice versa.

Wide margins are used as a design element.

Shifting layouts, accordion sections, and all the other content choreography that goes into cramming a desktop design onto small screens just isn’t worth the trouble.

Our mantra should be, “One design. Every device.”

Bottom-Up Navigation

Google changed the way people experience the web, but we’ve been slow to change the way we design websites. We angst over homepages and browse paths, but most users experience our sites from the bottom up.

When a user lands on a content page from Google, they’re not ready to read. First, they want to evaluate the content. Slim headers help by putting content front and center. Tags help by providing descriptive keywords and contextual navigation.

If this isn’t the content they’re looking for, they’ll bounce back to Google. The best way to keep them on your site is by providing links to related content.

Wireframes from a freelance consulting project.

The collapsed state (left) is designed for evaluators; it focuses on summary info and related content. Once the user has decided to engage, they expand the body and push related content out of view (right).

When we implemented some of these ideas on, repeat visitors increased 36.5% year over year!

Behavior Design

By applying social psychology to user experience design, we can more effectively influence user behavior. Artificial rewards like coupons and sweepstakes are ultimately self-defeating due to the overjustification effect. A better approach is to use authentic incentives to amplify users’ intrinsic motivations.

Wireframes for a fashion-focused social network.

Interaction Design

Modern browsers and touchscreens make exciting, new interaction patterns possible. Mobile apps are leading the way, but there’s no reason websites should be left behind.

From a site redesign for Horizontal Integration.

Data entry tasks are murder on small screens. Providing a decent user experience means going beyond standard web form elements like droplists and checkboxes.

Concept work for a mobile web application.

Wireframes & Sketchflows

Documentation is a delicate art. UX Designers write for diverse audiences, from developers to business people. Sketchflows combine the best aspects of user flows and wireframes to provide a quick, digestible overview of an experience.

Sketchflow for a fashion-focused social network.

Social recipe sharing. Click for full spec.

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