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The Starshield RPG (PDF)

This is the beta version of the Starhshield Role-Playing Game. Originally intended for playtesting before the game's final release, it is more than complete enough for GMs to run adventures anywhere in the Greater Galaxy. Players take on the roles of Vestis Inquisitas, fighting for Truth in a chaotic and dangerous universe.

The Galactipedia (PDF)

An early version of what was to be a comprehensive guide to the Greater Galaxy. Organized alphabetically, it includes interesting tidbits of information of worlds, history, tech, magic, and much, much more.


Starshield: Sentinels (PDF)

A novel by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

(Later revised and titled "The Mantle of Kendis Dai", this is a PDF version of the complete, originally submitted manuscript from which the series began.)

The truth is out there ... and discovering that truth was the grand quest of the Omnet, the organization that was the backbone of galactic civilization. For it was the Omnet's information that drove the governments, the economies, and the cultures of myriad worlds.

But someone -- or some group -- was sowing the seeds of disaster amidst the worlds of the Omnet. Now the synthetic minds upon whom the Omnet -- and indeed every automated aspect of life on every world, from computers to household appliances -- depended were threatening to rebel ... and without them all of civilization would quickly collapse.

The only hope to stem the tide of rebellion was an ancient artifact: the Mantle of Kendis-dai. No one knew if the Mantle really existed. No one knew what the Mantle really was. But legend told that whosoever wore the Mantle would be gifted with all knowledge -- with the absolute Truth. The Mantle was Power.

Merinda Neskat of the Omnet was determined to find the Mantle of Kendis-dai. Unfortunately, the key to her quest turned out to be a lost and bewildered crew of human astronauts, led by the feckless Captain Jeremy Griffiths. Neither Griffiths nor his crew understood what had happened to them, or why they were caught in the middle of galactic turmoil. But somehow they found themselves bound to follow Merinda in a dangerous race against time and deadly enemy forces ... searching for a mysterious world which held the secret of ancient wisdom that could save them -- or disrupt the path of civilization forever!


Nightsword (PDF)

A preview of a novel by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Thousands of years ago, the mad emperor Lokan controlled the Nightsword -- and imposed his twisted desires on all that lived. At his slightest whim, whole worlds were destroyed, and entire races were transformed. Then Lokan mysteriously vanished behind the Maelstrom Wall, into the quantum chaos of the galactic core. But legend says that somewhere behind the Wall, lost amidst the ghost ships of Lokan's doomed fleet, the Nightsword is hidden, its awesome energies waiting to be used again ... for good or evil.

While most dismiss the legend as fairy tale, others believe, and hunger for such godlike power. Though no one knows the course Lokan's fleet followed millennia ago, several have tried to track it, only to perish in the treacherous quantum fields behind the Wall. But when Earther astronaut Jeremy Griffiths donned the Mantle of Kendis-Dai and became blessed -- and perhaps cursed -- with infinite knowledge, he learned the exact direction of Lokan's ill-fated route. And now the secrets stored in his head have made him the target of everyone who has ever coveted the Nightsword for their own ends.

A man with unrivaled magical abilities and insidious instincts, Targ of Gandri yearns for the Nightsword in order to rule the universe once and for all. His protégé and now-nemesis, Merinda Neskat, believes the sword has the power to restore the ancient empire of Kendis-Dai -- a goal to which she has dedicated her life. For the mysterious Sentinels of the Order, the artifact should ensure the success of their rebellion and grant them victory in their long struggle for total domination. Caught in the middle, Jeremy Griffiths wants only to get his crew safely home to Earth -- and to impress the bewitching, bewildering Merinda Neskat. Yet he is caught firmly in the middle of galactic agendas beyond his control, and this new quest will prove to be the challenge of a lifetime ...