The Ancient Art of Action Roleplaying

Black Belt Edition

Wushu is a roleplaying game where groups of friends sit safely on their asses and tell each other a shared story of high-flying, hyper-stylized action. The emphasis is always on entertainment; this isn't a game where smart tactics and careful resource management lead to clearly-defined victories. It's more like improv theater or a radio play or a drunken bullshit session. The only way to win is to make sure everyone has a good time.

This omnibus edition includes new and improved core rules, expanded advice for Directors, and three sample settings for zero-prep play. It also compiles the four Wushu Guides, which provide voluminous examples of play for everything from car chases to ritual magic.

Wushu is free online, but you can also get a PDF version from RPGnow. It's "pay what you want," which is a great way to support the author.

Wushu: Black Belt Edition (PDF)